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Excited and proud

By scotty | In Blog | on November 4, 2013

I recently released my first book with my good friend Luke Hines which I can only describe as extremely exciting and a very proud moment. Proud for the simple fact that I truly want to help others and to do that on a large scale you can to sing your message from the rooftops but if that doesn’t work write a few books and get back on TV quick-smart!

Our book “Clean Living” is a lifestyle book which shares our philosophy on food and movement. Our drive for the book is to simply arm the reader with the tools and knowledge to make more informed food choices and how to train by themselves in an effective way. The challenge with the book is to appeal to as many people of possible, not simply for book sales, but our mission is to positively influence as many people as we can.

We believe the book has something for everyone, whether you’re a conditioned athlete or new to fitness and want to make changes to your health.

There’s a chapter in the book devoted to listening to your body .Our bodies are extremely robust but at the same time very sensitive and will give you feedback. This is particularly evident when we expose our bodies to shitty foods such as sugar, bad oils and grains. Upon digestion of these foods I can pretty much guarantee you’ll feel worse then you did prior to consumption. It’s important to tune into this and start to eliminate the foods that cause a reduction in mood, energy, vitality and health.
Also listen to your body with regards to training. Training is obviously a positive only when in balance. Too much of one thing can lead to injury. Ensure your routine is varied and you allow ample time to rejuvenate and repair. Overtraining is caused by a large training volume and characterised by lethargy, muscle and joint soreness/pain and staleness

Clean Living is packed full of training tips, paleo-inspired recipes and a 3 week health plan to get you on track and be the best version of yourself.

Grab a copy of Clean Living at any good book store or online


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